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Lawyer Petrova Elena is an outstanding representative of the legal community, whose professional reputation is reinforced by years of successful experience. Her individualized approach to each client is characterized by the highest attention to detail and a commitment to solving even the most complex legal issues. Lawyer Petrova possesses deep knowledge in various legal fields, enabling her to provide comprehensive legal support in diverse situations. Known for her responsible approach and effective task resolution, she creates an atmosphere of mutual trust and success. Collaborating with Lawyer Petrova is choosing a reliable partner for resolving legal matters.

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State Inspections Support by Lawyer Petrova E.

Lawyer Petrova Elena, practicing, specializes in professional support during inspections by government authorities. Her experience in this field includes effectively representing clients' interests in various inspection scenarios, ranging from tax inspections to administrative checks. Lawyer Petrova actively participates in analyzing the requirements presented and provides professional recommendations for the successful completion of inspections. Clients seeking assistance from Lawyer Petrova emphasize her responsible approach and ability to ensure reliable protection of rights during government inspections.

Lawyer for Construction Disputes - Elena Petrova

Lawyer Elena Petrova, specializing in construction disputes (, provides clients with qualified legal assistance in:

  • Resolving conflicts related to construction
  • Delays in construction timelines
  • Breaches in construction quality
  • Disputes arising from domestic service contracts

Lawyer Petrova possesses in-depth knowledge of construction legislation, enabling her to successfully represent clients' interests in the courts. Clients highly appreciate her professionalism, determination, and ability to find optimal solutions in complex construction disputes. Collaborating with Lawyer Petrova is a reliable step towards the successful resolution of construction-related issues in the capital and its surroundings.

Lawyer for Construction Disputes - Elena Petrova

Customs Lawyer Elena Petrova provides clients with professional support in the field of customs legislation, ensuring effective resolution of complex issues related to foreign economic activity. Her unique experience in customs matters includes consulting on customs procedures as well as successfully representing clients in customs disputes. Lawyer Petrova demonstrates high competence in developing risk minimization strategies and provides quality recommendations for compliance with customs regulations. Her work is a guarantee of successfully conducting international businesses, offering legal support in intricate customs matters.

Customs Lawyer Petrova effortlessly resolves administrative and civil law issues!

The complex nature of social relations regulated by customs law determines the use of almost all methods of influence on subjects

Administrative-legal method Based on relations of power and subordination of the parties, their inequality and one-sided expression of will
Civil method Based on the equality of the parties, based on the principle “everything that is not prohibited is permitted

Property Division Lawyer Elena V. Petrova

Lawyer Elena V. Petrova successfully handles property division, providing clients with quality legal support in this sensitive matter. Her approach to property division cases is characterized by a high level of attention to detail and a commitment to creating personalized solutions for each client. Lawyer Petrova possesses deep knowledge of family law and applies it effectively to protect the interests of her clients. Clients seeking help with property division acknowledge her professional approach and the attention given to every phase of the process. Collaborating with Lawyer Petrova is a step towards resolving complex property division issues with an experienced and caring specialist.

Lawyer Petrova Biography

Lawyer Elena Viktorovna Petrova has a rich legal biography, starting her professional journey in Rostov-on-Don, marked by outstanding experience and achievements. Having obtained two higher educations.

Currently, the lawyer has 13 years of work experience!

Graduated from the Southern Federal University (SFU / former RSU, Rostov-on-Don).

Faculty: Law. Specialty: "Jurisprudence." Qualification: Lawyer. Year of graduation: 2013.

Graduated from Rostov State Construction University (RSCU, Rostov-on-Don).

Faculty: Industrial and Civil Construction. Specialty: "Real Estate Expertise and Management." Qualification: Engineer. Year of graduation: 2009. Diploma — with honors. Full-time form of education.

Lawyer Petrova Photos

Professional photos of Lawyer Petrova are available on her website, allowing clients to better familiarize themselves with the face and personality of their future legal consultant. The photos capture the atmosphere of her office, creating a trusting impression and emphasizing professionalism in every detail. Clients can appreciate not only the appearance of Lawyer Petrova but also the environment in which she works, instilling additional confidence in their choice. These photos serve as another tool for establishing a connection with clients and highlight the openness and transparency of Lawyer Petrova's activities.

Elena Petrova lawyer photo

Lawyer Petrova

Lawyer Petrova, stands out with an individual approach to each client and a commitment to solving legal issues at the highest level. Her practice covers various areas of law, allowing her to successfully handle various complexities in the field of jurisprudence.

Lawyer Petrova possesses high competence and focuses on finding optimal solutions for her clients. Her office becomes a center where legal issues are addressed, considering the individual needs of each client. Collaborating with Lawyer Petrova is an opportunity to receive qualified legal support in legal matters that are pressing and require prompt resolution!

Lawyer Petrova

Lawyer Petrova Reviews

Law office Petrova E.V.

Reviews of the activities of Lawyer Elena Viktorovna Petrova highlight her attentive attitude towards clients and professionalism in resolving legal issues. Clients emphasize that collaboration with Lawyer Petrova has been a comfortable and effective experience for them. Reviews also highlight her understanding of client needs and the ability to provide precise and practical recommendations. Clients express gratitude for the clarity and transparency in legal consultation matters. Judging by the positive reviews, Lawyer Petrova continues to gain the trust of clients with her professionalism and responsive approach!